Friday, September 08, 2006

I haven't written all week.

Well, I quit at Yad Ezra VeShulamit. I went in yesterday just to show Bassya how to use the donor program I had downloaded and to hand in my key (which is still on my key chain... someday I may start remembering things again). Tefilla had spoken to me about working it out for me to work from home, but another woman came in to interview for my job while I was there, so I guess she figured she needed someone in the office, which I totally understand. I'll miss Bassya, though, we worked well together.

On the other hand, ulpan is going at lightning speed. Our class had voted to only have class Sunday through Thursday, but the administration vetoed that on Wednesday. So now Thursdays will be review days and we won't learn anything new. And we have 3 teachers! Sara teaches us on Yom Rishon, Yom Sheini, and Yom Shlishi; Tali teaches us on on Yom Revi'i; and someone else (we weren't there yesterday) teaches us on Yom Chamishi. Yom means day - you figure out the rest!

We're learning to write, and to say certain words in sentences. When we got on the bus in Yerushalayim yesterday, David asked the bus driver, "Comma?" which means "How much?" He was pretty proud of himself for being able to use something we had learned. Of course, you know David. He asked me after we sat down, "Do you think apostrophre or semi-colon would have been cheaper?" I guess you had to be there.

I can't believe I'm going to relate this, but you need a good laugh, right? David will never, ever let me live this down so I may as well tell you. He's milking it for all it's worth. We were at the Malcha Mall yesterday on our way to catch the train back home from Yerushalayim. We figured as long as we were taking the train, we'd eat at the Courisine Room for some good Chinese food (it was REALLY good). As we were walking through the mall, we started to turn a corner, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a woman walking towards us wearing EXACTLY the same outfit I had on. This was a bright blue matching top and skirt that I had bought last week at a store in Beit Shemesh to wear at Yad Ezra. I told David, "Quick, turn here! There's a woman wearing the same outfit I have on. This is so embarrassing!" We quickly turned the corner, although I looked back behind me to see if she was coming our way. She wasn't. Not only that, I didn't see her any where. That was really strange. I stopped and looked all around. Then we backtracked and went back around the corner. And what do you think we saw? A huge full-length mirror inside the last store on the corner.

People must have thought we'd gone mad; neither of us could stop laughing or catch our breath. Both of us had tears streaming down our faces from laughing so hard. David told me that I've done and said some pretty wierd things before, but this was by far the best. When we got on the train, he asked if the other lady would be joining us. This morning when I stood in front of the mirror, David said, "There's that woman again," making us both start laughing again. He is NEVER going to let this go. I know, it's not as funny to read it, but believe me, it was pretty funny.

Okay, let's get serious. We're eating out both meals for Shabbos. I just finished cleaning this entire apartment - it might be small but because of all the sand and building going on outside, the floors and surfaces get really dirty really fast. Gam ani (Also I) just took the challahs out of the oven that I'm taking to our buddy family's tonight (she requested them because she usually buys challahs). The only thing left to do is squeeze some lemons for fresh lemonade, with my citrus squeezer that we bought at the hardware store. I can't wait until it's orange season again so we can have fresh squeezed orange juice. Unfortunately it will probably make my acid reflux worse again. I sort of figured out that was what was causing my nausea this week. On Wednesday morning, I had to walk out of ulpan early and go home because it was so bad. I went down to see Dr. Dinner (yes, that's his real name - a great guy from South Africa) and we figured out that he hadn't given me a high enough dosage of the medicine he prescribed for me to replace the Nexium I had been on in the States (they don't sell Nexium here). So he upped the amount I take, and I've been feeling better. Baruch Hashem!

On Wednesday, my friend, Andrea, suggested I come to her for a treatment. She does something called cranial sacriol therapy. I thought I was going to get a good massage out of it, but I was mistaken. She had a massage table, but she just puts her hands on different parts of your body, not even with pressure, and it "opens up" something in your body that had previously been closed (I didn't quite get how it works). She would hold her hands in the same position for awhile, and she could actually FEEL it opening up. Apparently the white blood cells sense the presence of a foreign body and rush to that site, which makes it all happen. She kept saying, "There you go; good job" but it was my insides she was talking to, not me. Once while she was touching my lower leg, she asked if my teeth had hurt recently, and they had! I don't know how it works; I'll have to google it. All I do know is that it seemed to help a lot. Apparently it also helps with back and spine pain, ADD and all kinds of other ailments.

All right, the family we're eating by is taking in Shabbos early, which means in about an hour, so I'd better get going. If anyone is reading this, could you post a comment? I always wonder if anybody ever reads this, and if so, who.

Have a wonderful, restful, peaceful Shabbos!

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matthew said...

I read your blog. Cranial sacriol therapy has worked wonders for me. Shabbat shalom!