Friday, October 20, 2006

We had our own sukkah party on Wednesday night of Chol Hamoed. In the first picture from left to right are Avital, Ellen Kolman, me, Toby Friedman and Karen. Toby and Ellen are two of my closest friends (here in Israel). In the second picture is Al (husband of Karen who is in our ulpan class), Zvi Friedman, David, and Kalmon and Ellen Kolman (Kalmon’s English name is Ken. He’s the guy David hikes with). Two days ago we went to the pidyen haben for Toby and Zvi’s grandson. Pretty fancy shmancy. Toby has 3 sisters and both her parents who live in Israel and all their families. They’re so down to earth and fun to be with! Zvi made it clear that after ulpan I was coming to work for him at Jewell. He reminds me a lot of Shmuel Greenwald, which is why I think we like them so much!

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