Friday, March 02, 2007

Oh, wow - so cool! Albert just called us from St. Louis to wish us a good Purim. I was trying to describe what it was like here just before Shabbos, just before the chag. As soon as we hung up, there was a loud commotion outside, and David and I went to stand out on our big mirpeset. There was a looooonnnnggg parade of cars (and all manner of trucks and ambulances and bikes) driving by decorated with balloons and posters, and they were all honking and yelling stuff (in Ivrit) through loudspeakers! They went down to the corner, around the kikar and back up Nachar Hayarden. Everyone ran outside to see them. I can only imagine how wild and crazy it will be here after Shabbos and on Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that tomorrow night, when we are sitting in shul, without a selection of megillas and groggers, we will be thinking of you and missing you!