Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I couldn't resist adding a few more pictures. The one just above I titled "It's a hard life." That's Emma taking a snooze with her daddy on a bed in the guest room. All that fresh air blowing in the window, I guess...
The picture in the middle is the view from the back end of our street (remember, we're the highest street in Kochav Yaakov) looking down the hill. You can see another settlement on the hilltop in the background (it's an Arab one, I believe). There are all kinds of settlements on top of all the surrounding hills.
And the top picture is looking down our street at the houses. Ours is on the left side, behind the 2nd car (not ours). You can barely see it, but there's a staircase from the second floor to the street. And at the far end of the street, if you look closely, there are apartment buildings in the distance. That's Telzion, which is also on our yishuv.
Maybe I'll post some more pictures tomorrow.

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