Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Living in Israel means:

א) Seeing Arab boys on donkeys by the side of the road, herding goats (or sheep).

ב) having dust and/or sand cover every surface in your house, even if you dust and sweep on a daily basis.

ג) having a car stop suddenly in front of you in the middle of the street, to either pick up people "tremping" or discharging passengers.

ד) not minding a work commute to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem, or from Tel Aviv to Haifa, or from Ramat Beit Shemesh to Jerusalem, or from Beersheva to Tel Aviv, on a daily basis.

ה) having a doctor's appointment on a Sunday night at 7:oo PM, or an MRI at midnight.

ו) sitting in an ulpan class with people from twelve different countries.

ז) seeing a boy with purple spiked hair and a ring in his nose jump off his seat to help a religious woman maneuver her stroller onto the bus.

ח) hearing an entire crowd of people at a bus stop answer "Amen" to someone's bracha.

ט) knowing where twenty falafel shops are within a one kilometer area in Jerusalem.

י) never having to hear or see anything about xmas, but having xmas decorations available at Succot.

כ) walking down the street and seeing people slinging live chickens around their heads on every street corner for a few days in the Fall.

ל) striking up conversations with other English-speakers and ALWAYS either knowing someone they know or having them know or be related to someone you know.

מ) turning on the radio and the only songs in English are from the 50's and 60's.

נ) walking a whole lot more than you used to.

ס) hearing the rooster down the street crow at all hours of the day.

ע) watching a mother be stopped on the street by an older woman telling her either to put a sweater on her child or take a sweater off her child - and thanking her for the advice.

פ) being on a bus taking an alternate route because a child forgot to get off at the right bus stop.

צ) all of the above

I just googled "Only in Israel" and there's an actual website with a whole lot of wonderful stories! Check it out!

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Mike in Alpharetta said...

I like your new, more edgy material in your blog. Keep it up!