Thursday, January 24, 2008

Here's some pictures I just uploaded. The first one is our sukkah from October. You can only see the top of it under the stairs; see the palm fronds? As you walk down the stairs to our front door, you get to the door of the sukkah. It really shielded us from the wind, as it was kind of "built-in".

The next picture was taken from the car driving from Yerushalayim towards our yishuv. You can see Sha'ar Binyamin, kind of the "county seat". It's an industrial center with the mishta'ar (police station), and Rami Levi, our grocery store. There's also a great hardware store there and spice store (among others), and they're building some mehadrin restaraunts that should be open in the next couple of months. If you look on the top left you can see our yishuv on the hill.
The next picture is of David with Emma. I've never owned a dog that got cold before, but Emma seems not to like the cold weather. She shivers a lot of the time. I myself wouldn't have picked out the green sweater (it definitely clashes with her coloring), but we didn't want to shell out more money for another one after we already got this one. She doesn't like it, but it keeps her warm.

The next picture is of the highway leading to our yishuv. It's a little blurry, but you can see that we live in a desert climate.

The next picture is the main street of the yishuv. It's really a very pleasant place to live!

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Anonymous said...

Hi - I am able to see your blog now - my bad, I messed up the link by accident I guess. How is the snow developing? We want scenic pictures for our desktop!

Mike in Alpharetta