Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I just learned how to post pictures! So far we only have pictures of the outside of our building. This first picture is a view of the front of our building from across the park. We face Nachal Habesor, which is a pedestrian street only. To the left of our front door, we go up many steps to get to a street called Nachal Maor which crosses Habesor. At Nachal Maor is our mailbox, and the falafel and pizza stores. Up (and I do mean up) to the next level is Nachal Refaim. Up again and you get to Nachal Dolev, a major street that goes in a circle. Right at Dolev and Habesor is the micholet, small grocery store, that we just got back from. It was packed! The big grocery store at the mercaz is closed for the next week while they move into a new location, so we got what we needed to break the fast tomorrow night and for Shabbos lunch (our first Shabbos meal I get to cook for!).

Anyway, back to the pictures! The second picture is a view of the corner of our building. We're on the corner of Hayarden and Hayarkon (named after rivers. In fact, "nachal" means river, so a lot of the streets in Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph are named after them). Our large mirpeset faces Hayarden; ours is the only one that does in our building. See the wood at the top? That's a pergola, which is used for putting schok (sp?) over your sukkah. We have a tarp ordered at the hardware store since all of our extra stuff is stored out there and the pigeons like to live us little presents... Yuck! Our smaller mirpesset is in the front of the building, right above the front door.

Okay, the 2nd picture should be the first and the 1st should be the second. The next picture is the front view of our building from closer up. If you look closely, you can see me in the mirpeset above the door!

It won't let me download any more pictures, so I'll do some more in another post.

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Stairmompeg said...

Dear Vickie & David,
WOW!!! It is every bit as beautiful as the way you described it, just a few short weeks ago, before you made Aliyah!
I wish you mazal, bracha and "all the gooten zachen" as they say, in your new home.
With love & hugs,