Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wow, what a Shabbos. My counters are stacked with dirty dishes, but I just don't feel like washing them. Rivki Russom came for Shabbos and is staying until tomorrow. It was just the three of us for dinner last night. I made a roast in the slow cooker, but we weren't exactly sure what cut of meat it was. David tried to enter the words on the label into his pocket pc, but all he came up with was "rolled cattle." Sounds delicious, no?
For lunch I had invited a woman I met a couple of weeks ago, and her 14 year old daughter. We had such a great time! They made aliyah on the very first Nefesh flight 4 years ago, and went to Kiryat Arbah. It sounds like they had a great house there and they really liked it. Unfortunately, her husband now lives in Florida and she and her 3 kids moved to Ramat Beit Shemesh two years ago. I wish she lived closer to us, though - she's way over on Lakish which is a little shlep. Her youngest, Miriam (14) was really sweet. Hopefully, we can get together once in awhile.
Speaking of which - I had a mahj game on Thursday! David and I were out for awhile and when we came back, we found that our air conditioning was NOT WORKING. We got a handyman to come out about 3 hours later, but 3 women (actually 2 women and one's 20 year old daughter) had already come over to play. They had some pretty wierd rules, but I figured it was my house so it would be my rules (which are really the Mah Jongg league rules). Actually, on second thought, it wasn't ALL mah jongg league rules - it was the rules we played by in my previous group - so of course, it was the right way to play (right, girls?). We only played for about an hour and a half, but it was nice to be sitting at that card table again.
David just got an email about an entry level programming job in Beit Shemesh that could be either part or full time. I hope he looks into it. He really needs more structure in his life, plus he needs to stop shopping every day...
The funny thing is, Rivki brought her laptop and we have a wireless network, so all three of us are on our individual computers, checking our email and two of us are blogging. After Shabbos Rivki and I walked over to Lakish (does everybody live on that street?!) to pick up a necklace that she had left at someone's house after a Shabbaton the Neve girls had a few weeks ago. While we were gone, David fixed up her computer for her; like updating her virus protection, and taking care of some problems she was having. Wasn't that nice of him? You can take the guy away from his computer job, but you can't take the computer away from the guy. That might make sense - or, maybe not.
I have to answer a whole lot of emails now.


Rivki said...

Shabbos was great - what a beautiful apartment and such lovely company. My computer is also very happy! Now, however, I think I should call it a night!

Morah Shifra said...

I'm glad you got to play. We haven't played in WEEKS! Hopefully Barb will come back soon and things will get back to normal.