Thursday, November 02, 2006

Finally - blogger let me download some pictures. Some days I'm able to and some days it just won't let me.

The first one is Emma on the couch, although it's not so flattering. She kept moving every time I clicked a picture. We should have named her Speedy Gonzales; she races from here to there and everywhere in between so fast you can barely see her. The other is Emma on her daddy. I have pictures of Jared and Nathan on the couch as babies with their daddy, too... Too bad you can't see her face; she's really cute.

Grunberger update: Tehilla and Rafael Dovid are still in the hospital. Tehilla was moved to the rehab unit at Children's Hospital. I believe the trach has been removed, and she is making significant improvements. She has been able to brush her hair and write on a white board. Rafael Dovid is off the respirator and has been moved from the ICU to a step-down unit. He has not awakened but is breathing on his own. They believe he can hear as his heart rate quickens when a family member speaks, reads or sings to him. Test results show no damage, Baruch Hashem, to his neck or spinal cord. Brain damage is yet to be determined. Both still need our prayers. The other kids are back in school.

On a brighter note, big sister Sora Liba just had a healthy baby girl (she has two other little ones) and another big sister, Leah, is engaged. The family has had its share of ups and downs in the past 3 weeks!

We went to the Turners to pick up some boxes of our winter things. We haven't had any more rain but it's a little cool in the mornings and evenings. Right now the sky is clear but the sun will be setting soon and it's just gorgeous out. I've taken Emma and Coco downstairs to Coco's yard twice today (David has walked them), and they were so funny playing with each other. I need to remember to take the camera next time. We bought Emma a little bed but she prefers to snooze in the corner of the couch.

Tomorrow night for Shabbos dinner we're staying home for the first time in a long time, just the two of us (I guess I should say 4 of us!). We had some invitations but we just wanted to be at home, especially since we're going out for lunch to someone in our ulpan class. I got a lot of cleaning done today, but more to do tonight. For the last 6 or 7 years I've had someone to clean the house every other week for 4 hours, but there's no reason to here. Our place is small and we can't afford it, but I'd forgotten how much I didn't like doing it! Coco sheds a lot; hopefully Emma won't.

After David gets back from mincha/maariv we're going into Beit Shemesh to the vet to get Emma her first shots. I hope she doesn't piddle in Shaina and Yonaton's car. We probably should buy her a little carrier, especially if we're going to have to take her places in cabs or on the bus. I don't even know if we can take her on the bus.

There are kids outside with what sounds like a basketball, there's a little traffic on Hayarden, and it just sounds so nice and peaceful out. I wish you could experience what it's like here.

Yesterday we played mahj for the first time in over a month. There were even 4 of us. We only played 4 games because everyone was so slow, but it was still fun and nice to socialize. Bracha even brought me the first 4 episodes of Gilmore Girls from this season on a CD. Her friend knows how to download tv shows for free. David probably wasn't happy that I was watching it, but it was such a treat. I'm not very happy with Lauralai, though. How could she possibly give up Luke for Christopher? And I hope Logan is good and jealous, thinking Rory is seeing other guys while he's in London for a year, even though of course she's not and she misses him a lot. Oh man, I sound like my grandmother, with her soap operas! I'd better be careful what I write; I heard that some of the seminary girls read this blog. Hmmm, I wonder where I can find episodes of ER?

Just kidding; I don't really want to be watching tv; I'm on my computer enough as it is. I really would rather be studying ivrit and doing my homework. Besides I didn't come to Israel to watch tv; I was hoping to pursue more spiritual pursuits.

Who actually reads this blog, anyway? People keep telling me they read it, but no one ever posts any comments. For awhile you couldn't, but I changed the settings, so it would be soooo nice if you want to leave me a little message. Yes, you!


Anonymous said...

i read it, i read it!

Vickie said...

Jamie, is that you? And if not, who are you?

Anonymous said...

It's mysterious Matthew!