Friday, November 03, 2006

Here's more pics of Emma and her friend, Coco - on the couch, in our bed. I was so happy to move here and know that without Anton, I could wear black again and not have dog hair all over me. Hmmm. Guess there are choices we make!

We took Emma to the vet last night to get her first shots; she was so good! We were in for a surprise, though. The vet said she was less than 3 months old - and that she wouldn't grow past 10 kilograms. That's about 22 pounds! I'm going to kill Michal when I see her again! She was the person we got Emma from and she told us Emma wouldn't grow much bigger. The vet said she probably wouldn't get much taller, but would fill out a lot. We like her tiny and cuddly...

It's only 12:30 p.m. and the challahs are out of the oven and the soup is simmering on the stove. The sun is bright, there's a refreshing breeze blowing in the windows. Emma's lying on the floor next to me in the sun by the sliding glass door, Coco's out on the back mirpeset soaking up the sun. I still need to clean the salon and the kitchen floors, but everything else is ready for Shabbos. Maybe I can work on my homework this afternoon so I won't have to do it all motzi Shabbos. David and I are having a machloches (difference of opinion) over whether I can study my words over Shabbos. He says it's preparing for after Shabbos; I think it's just learning the language of the country we're living in. Any other opinions?

I wish you good health, contentment in your life, happy surprises, and a wonderful, fulfilling Shabbat!

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